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Beachbody LLC is a privately-held American multi-level marketing company that uses direct response infomercials, e-commerce, and individual sales consultants to sell home-exercise videos and dietary supplements. The company was founded in 1998 in Santa Monica, California. Their products include P90X.

Cassidy G shared in a review "I've been a Beachbody coach for over a year now. Never had any issues with anything customer service was always amazing. Last month I received a check from Beachbody no big deal I go to Walmart to cash the check which I've done multiple times in the past and it was declined. I thought it was very weird but I was it's okay I'll call the number they gave me and see what they say. Walmart told me they needed Beachbody to call them. I called Beachbody on the 23rd of June. I had to put in a request to talk to someone from the Financial department. The person on the phone told me it would be 24-48 hours till someone got back ahold of me. About 48 hours later I got a call and the personal told me they were gonna talk to there boss and call me back. They never called me back and in the notes for that call he put down he told me to find somewhere else to cash it. I've called so many times. Spent an hour and 36 minutes on the phone waiting to talk to someone. It's been one week since that 1 hour and 36 minute phone call and I still have not received a call back or an email about this incident. I've called so many times at this point it doesn't even pay to call anymore. The check is $49 freaking dollars. Beachbody only care about making money off people they don't give a **** about actually paying people or addressing there concerns. It's absolutely absurd and I will NEVER recommend Beachbody to anyone."


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Current Freelancer - Beachbody Coach says

"It is a Scam.Scam.Scam. Do not get sucked in!"

Former Freelancer - Coach says

"This was one of the worst MLM companies I have ever worked for. They are so behind the times when it comes to just about everything. They finally came out with Beachbody on Demand which they were way late to the game on that. Who uses DVD players anymore?? The workouts are OK but they won't get you to where you want to be when it comes to building muscle and losing weight. They offer false hopes and false promises when it comes to weight loss. You can lose 10lbs in a month but it will just come right back after your done with the program because they don't teach people how to sustain their weight loss. It's a perfect scheme for Beachbody because people will continue to buy the products and keep losing the same 10lbs over and over again. The trainers like Autum are average and have strange workout moves that the average person cannot do, that's why people often don't stick with the programs. The coaches aren't given adequate training at all to help you build your business. Carl has a BIG ego and the only thing he can say every day is SELL SELL SELL! Half the coaches they recruit quit because they have NO idea what they are doing or how to help people because of the lack of training. The up line coaches think are all hight and mighty, terrible at communicating and are just as lost and clueless when it comes to building a business. They also don't let you participate any any other MLM, not exceptions which is really selfish of Carl and it's obvious it all about the $$ and they don't care about the coaches and what's best for them."

Current Freelancer - Emerald Coach says

"you have to know or find affluent people who are willing to overpay for shakes , supplements etc and "want to start a business" hidden fees, inconsistencies and "pie in the sky" opportunities uplines are your best friends in the world until you decide it might not be the right fit for your lifestyle hypocrisy & vapidity"

Former Employee - Coach says

"Massive lack of support Ignored by the UK corporate team Very confusing and quite harsh compensation scheme Is ran far too much like a Pyramid Scheme (which they insist they arent) Too much stress to spend more to achive more"

Coach says

"Too many "coaches" giving advice without any qualifications is very unethical.."

Current Freelancer - Coach says

"If you aren't making your upline enough money, they basically drop you."

Former Employee - Independent Team Beachbody Coach says

"No real money to be made here. Compensation plan is not only lacking but is continually modified taking more and more from the coaches. Products are sold through the website basically stealing commission from coaches. It's difficult to capture new sales and ensure you get the credit. Elite coaches are catered to. They are given all the distinct advantages first. Training is almost non-existent. Some of the Elite Coaches actually charge for their training. Seems to be a real ego complex here from the top down. ."

Former Freelancer - Team Beachbody Coach says

"Compensation is not fair for all the job you need to do"

Current Freelancer - Coach says

"Need to find your own leads."

Current Freelancer - Fitness Coach says

"You have to pay for products, little return"

Independent Coach (Former Employee) says

"The company only cares about making money selling consumable products. While they do offer workout programs, the job is more about pushing the companies "health drink" and sport performance supplements. Other coaches will poach your customers if your not careful as wellwork from home business opportunityextremely cutthroat, you'll end up spending more money than you make"

Fitness Trainer (Current Employee) says

"Team beachbody is a great fitness company but people who would want to be successful with them you have to use professional development and have someone to look up to."

A Fitness & Health Coach & Independent Distributor (Former Employee) says

"Check up on People I Coached . Do Office Work Online . Leads Generator System .My Advertising and Distributing. Training the Coaches under me .The Caring for others .No Benefits, Not a guarantee Pay Check"

Venta y Servicio al cliente (Current Employee) says

"You sit in front of your computer trying to get someone to buy the product. You meet a lot of people and it is a good experience. It can suck the life out of you, and you may or may not make money. Everyone is great. Hardest part is to build your network with people that can do this. Time with the family.You can become a millionaire with these type of businessesYou may also go broke if you only rely on it and can't find people."

Fitness Coach and Coach Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend Team Beachbody because it is not what it proposes to be. It's a numbers game of how many products can be sold as well as how many people can be recruited into Team Beachbody."

Health & Wellness Coach (Former Employee) says

"The CEO has a great heart. The community is fantastic but they are going in a direction of more & more sales vs helping people. The constant demand for social media presence is exhausting! They tend to cater to the Super Star Diamonds in breaking policy which was devastating to learn. My heart went elsewhere.CommunityNo privacy, popularity contest"

HEALTH AND WELLNESS COACH (Former Employee) says

"get up, post on facebook about fitness, nutrition , exercise, family and supplements ,exercise programs through various marketing techniques.I read self help books, attempted word press, spend money on websites, and SEO, branding etc.Workplace culture was the best part because we all had the same goal to live healthy and fit lifestyles and the products were outstanding. I enjoyed being with the other coaches at the summits and going to different trips although it was costly and not a job where I profited from . Most of my retirement money was invested in what I hoped to be a successful business and it from homeno income, no benefits"

Independent Team Beachbody Coach (Former Employee) says

"You have to first go through your list of friends and family that want to lose weight or start a business helping people lose weight. You need a really good coach to help you do this effectively, if not you will go no where or it will be insanely hard to do so. You have to commit to it like it's a business. Part time work with full time pay is not realistic at first, maybe somewhere down the line.great seminarsno healthcare, no guidance, need a team or a coach that will walk, you through it like on the job training."


"If working for only commission is ok with you, Team Beachbody is a pretty good opportunity. This is network marketing. You have the potential to make quite a bit of an income, but it can hard because of customer retention. It is a working from home opportunity, where you do have to purchase their product monthly, but the product, Shakeology, is great. I loved using the programs, and still use them, as they do deliver results if you are consistent. A typical day is posting, posting, and posting some more on social media, and responding to interested parties. It can get frustrating when you try to get in contact with people who showed interest and they do not respond, but there are plenty of people to go around. The trips and other prizes you can earn are amazing, and it is a high-energy company with a lot of nice people.Prizes, trips, unlimited income, great way to get fit and healthy while working.Customer retention, performance based only, no paid time off."

Independent Fitness Coach (Former Employee) says

"well..... its a pyramid scheme. They make money off of you and the people you get to join your team. They require you to spend money in order to "make money""

Independent Fitness Coach (Former Employee) says

"You make your own hours so it is a great flexible job, but they require you to invest too much of your own money. It is easy to make supplemental income, but you have to look at all the costs that they require of you."

Coach (Former Employee) says

"I liked the idea of working for beachbody more than I actually enjoyed it. I did it for my own goals, and helped others along the way. I did make some great ranks, helped a couple handfuls of people, but in the long run I needed to grow in other ways."

customer says

"Expensive. Rip off. I didn't like any of the workouts."

Mike Pugh says

"WARNING!!!THIS IS A SCAM!!! Once you sign up it is impossible to cancel!! They keep auto-billing and keep sending product. The service contacts hang up when trying to cancel. I got hung up on 5 times the first time when trying to cancel. This has been a horrible experience. Try a more reputable company and product. My eBay feedback rating is over 2000 and 100%, I am easy to please, but this has been a nightmare. You have been warned!!!"

Sarah Montgomery says

"This company is a joke. I should’ve known. My husband is currently going round and round with these clowns trying to cancel my Energize and Recover order. They are refusing to refund my money. Stay away from Carl and goons."

Ian McIntosh says

"Awful company, they start charging you hidden subscription fees and when you cancel, they tell you that was a separate coach fee and should have been cancelled with a different team and so each month they charge $15.95 until you catch it and then refuse to refund it and they still had the yearly charge all setup to go as well even though they verified I had cancelled 6 months ago. CHECK YOUR CARD AND REMOVE CARD FROM ACCOUNT they will keep ripping you off if they can charge that card!"

Kelley says

"The program may work if you could receive your products. After 18 days I still have not received anything I paid for and customer service is horrendous. Lie after lie about when I would receive my products."

Jennifer Waldrop says

"Poorest customer service I have ever experienced! First they ship my return BACK to me and then after an hour of being on a chat with little to no reply and being transferred and disconnected multiple times I had to wait back in the line for them to say it was no fault of theirs. I used a return label provided by them! For what you pay for Beachbody I would expect better customer service than that. I gave 1 star because that was the lowest option available but really I would say NO STARS!"

Jenna H. says

"I was befriended by a BBOD coach on Facebook, Amanda Parks out of Canada. She kept pushing this program/products on me for almost one year. She was nice enough and I decided I wanted to try the shake. I specifically told her I only wanted to try the shake and not be signed up for any recurring payments. When I signed up I checked the box to not have recurring payments as well. I have been charged 3 TIMES since September 20, 2020. I was told by an escalation agent that my refund was being processed on Oct 20, 2020. Nine days later (today) I was charged another $144!!!!! Do not sign up with this company, they offer it for free trial! Big scam and big waste of time. AVOID."

kari “Kari Altevogt” altevogt says

"I believe that Beachbody is a scam everything that you get from them you can purchase on your own you can buy your own portion cops you can buy your own protein shakes and you can pull up any video to work out on YouTube for free? For this reason I decided to get my money back the coach they assigned me to hasn't contacted me and almost 2 weeks. This is a scam and even after they got there package back from me in order for me to get my refund they still didn't return the money. I'm waiting to receive my money still I had to prove to them that I return the package. They have been sitting on the package for 7 days and still we're not processing my money. So if you do Beachbody just know that you can do this on your own you don't need there protein mix and portion cups in order to make a change in your life. Customer service transferred me four times I was on the phone with them for an hour before I got anyone who would even say that they would give me my refund but I'm still waiting to see if that's even going to happen this is semi scam. That's why they don't have a Google review because I don't think they would get many stars."

Sian Pedrick says

"Don’t know where to begin,but all I can say is,keep well away from this company!Have been a member over the last few months. Thought about it for a while before signing up through a coach who I thought was so lovely! But,a few months down the line i knew I should have kept away!As soon as I signed up things had started to change!First two weeks in i was left with a very rude message from my coach accusing me of not watching her videos in the group forum-this was far from the truth!I had!Argued with me that she had explained how the nutrition plan worked-she never did at first!But she was adamant that she had,but wasn’t true-I had all the conversations recorded on social media messages.I actually enjoyed most of the workouts but couldn’t always do them due to personal circumstances.I had to take a break but then started again a few weeks later, although I was still paying my subscription which I didn’t mind as i didn’t want to give up completely.A few months down the line up until the last few weeks,I tried to get myself added back up into the face group group she had-got declined TWICE!Now my mind started thinking what was going on.Didn’t hear much from my coach at all,even when I reach out at times all I had back was a little pathetic emoji!Despite her advertising “if your struggling, reach out!! “ What a joke! They seem to have their own little clicks and their little tribe but certainly doesn’t treat everyone in the group equally!This really annoyed me as I had helped my coach at occasions when I was asked for a favour, which I didn’t mind at all,it wasn’t even anything to do with Beachbody,it was for her own business work with something else! Yeah, she seemed to have forgotten that over the last week!I also checked in on her if I could see she was upset on social media etc, I genuinely trusted,believed and looked up to my coach!This week was horrendous though, haven’t felt so hurt by anyone in my life, although now,I’m not bothered by it!But,my Beachbody coach blocked me off all social media forums,also seems clear to me that she had spoken to her other coaches in the same group as one of them blocked me off everywhere too!And then the digs she had on me on social media was disgusting!They clearly were towards me-it’s not hard to put 2 and 2 together!Basically saying on the lines of that how 1 client that can bring someone down and a room full of clients to bring someone up,stating about being toxic, hashtags of toxic people suck,there are others worse off than you,amongst a lot of other awful posts and hashtags like I didn’t put the work in (hence I had lost over a stone and a half!!!),saying that I wasn’t being positively active in the group,yes,maybe that’s because hardly anyone else was!There was hardly any interaction at all with the majority of the group!I’m not one to put all my personal problems on social media!I was completely shocked as at this point,didn’t have a clue why she was doing this!I left it for days and said nothing,but thought no,i was not letting anyone kick me down like that!She knew my personal struggles which I had spoken to her a few times,even well before joining up,and she kicked me down on social media when I was already struggling which she knew about my mental health struggles!It was really toxic of a coach to do this especially to a paying client!I emailed the coach to ask what on earth was she on about,told me that she didn’t deserve my nastiness and pretended that she didn’t know what I was talking about!!Told her not to play games with me,she knew exactly what she had done!I still don’t know what I have supposedly done as I hadn’t spoken to her for the last 3 weeks to start with!Of all coaches I have been in contact in the past I have NEVER been treated and called out in a clever,anonymous way on social media!And then to get the other coaches to block and then send friend requests only to block straight away again is well out fo order!And also to get the reaction from the other clients then to react to her pitiful toxic game playing post!The language of the coach on social media posts is appalling also!I’m a qualified nutritionist and PT myself who I have helped hundreds of clients over my 11 years of business,and I have NEVER treated any of my clients in this way,and wouldn’t dream of doing it!This was so very unprofessional of a coach to act!!Can’t believe that Beachbody allows this to happen!I just want to warn people out there,don’t fall for all the nicey,things these coaches tell you beforehand,it’s true what other previous Beachbody coaches have said on video/blogs on the web,they pick on the vulnerable,rope you in etc,just to get you to sign up,and take your money!Cant believe a Beachbody coach is allowed to behave so rudely and badly!She should be ashamed of herself!Have now cancelled membership and 🤞I won’t hear anymore!!"

fran barley says

"I was scammed into a subscription and I'm chasing a refund. I'd never place a reoccurring order, it's really not worth the money."

Nonmae says

"I think BOD program should be rated on two levels. Firstly online fitness program five star quality. Loads to chose from instantly. Secondly the whole shakeology crapola. In my opinion it's a scam. On signing up for a year online fitness program I bought a pack which I assumed was a one off. Did it as a nice gesture to give my coach a boost. Of course without my magnifying glass I did not see I was then signed up for a monthly supply at £120 per month!! I never asked for it, it was never discussed. Returned it once I received it. Of course they never processed my refund so I had to chase them. I still don't know how much they will now charge me for the pleasure of returning something I never ordered. Anyways, that was a very long way of saying be careful with this company and always read the small print."

Ellis says

"I’ve used beachbody ever since they made DVDS and Shaun T released insanity. I love their programs and this review is not disputing how great that part is. However, as a UK customer their user experience is terrible. I’ve spent an hour this evening trying to cancel my auto renew. Going round and round the houses, live chat doesn’t work, Facebook chat isn’t working, text doesn’t work cause it’s US, self service way to do it doesn’t work as the website I can see that apparently I should be seeing are two different things. Finally called just to hear someone from Canada saying that can’t help. Going to attempt to ring tomorrow but it’s just bizarre and nothing short of making it difficult for you to cancel your membership which is a shame as it used to be much easier.... It sounds like it’s easy for US customers to cancel after seeking help on a Facebook group, so they need to sort out their experience for UK customers."

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